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 Cookbook Collector's Checklist

Keeping track of your Gooseberry Patch cookbook collection just got easier! Click on any cookbook title in our list below and you'll go straight to a page where you can take a peek inside it, view free recipes and more!

Our printable checklist not only shows you every title we've published, it also has a handy way to keep track of which cookbooks you own, and which ones you want!
 Click here for a printable checklist



Comb-bound Cookbooks:
Over 200 budget friendly recipes & tips in a convenient lay-flat design. *Now in paperback.

Title Published
5 Ingredient Family Favorite Recipes 2018
5 Ingredients Or Less! (RETIRED) 2002
5 Ingredients Or Less! Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2014
A Pinch Of This, A Dash Of That (RETIRED) 1998
Almost Homemade (RETIRED) 2005
Almost Homemade Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2014
Americas Comfort Foods (RETIRED) 2018
Autumn In A Jiffy (RETIRED) 2007
Autumn in a Jiffy Photo Edition 2022
Autumn In The Country (RETIRED) 2009
Autumn Recipes from the Farmhouse 2021
Autumn With Family & Friends (RETIRED) 2015
Back to School Fall Recipes 2020
Backyard Gatherings (RETIRED) 1997
Best-Ever Casseroles (RETIRED) 2005
Best-Ever Casseroles Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2015
Best-Ever Cookies (RETIRED) 2011
Blue Plate Specials (RETIRED) 2001
Busy-Day Slow Cooking 2016
Celebrate Autumn (RETIRED) 1996
Celebrate Spring (RETIRED) 1997
Celebrate Summer (RETIRED) 1997
Celebrate Winter (RETIRED) 1996
Celebrate Year 'Round (RETIRED) 2005
Christmas At Grandma's (RETIRED) 2015
Christmas At Grandma's Photo Edition 2021
Christmas Comfort Classics (RETIRED) 2016
Christmas Comfort Foods 2022
Christmas Cookie Jar (RETIRED) 2008
Christmas Cookie Jar Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2015
Christmas Cookies (RETIRED) 2005
Christmas Cookies Photo Edition* 2019
Christmas for Sharing Cookbook 2023
Christmas In The Country (RETIRED) 2007
Christmas Kitchen (RETIRED) 2008
Christmas Kitchen Photo Edition 2023
Christmas Pantry (RETIRED) 2000
Christmas With Family & Friends (RETIRED) 2009
Christmas with Family & Friends Photo Edition 2022
Church Potluck Favorites 2017
Church Potluck Favorites Photo Edition 2022
Church Suppers (RETIRED) 2007
Church Suppers Photo Edition 2020
Classic Church Potlucks 2022
Come On Over (RETIRED) 2004
Comfort & Joy (RETIRED) 2004
Comfort Foods (RETIRED) 2007
Coming Home For Christmas (RETIRED) 1997
Country Baking (RETIRED) 2000
Country Friends Good Times (RETIRED) 1998
Country Quick & Easy (RETIRED) 2001
Country Quick & Easy 2 (RETIRED) 2006
Country Quick & Easy Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2013
Cozy Christmas Comforts 2019
Cozy Country Christmas (RETIRED) 2006
Cozy Home Cookbook (RETIRED) 1999
Dinners On A Dime (RETIRED) 2009
Dinners on a Dime Photo Edition 2023
Fall Cooking with Family & Friends 2022
Fall Family Recipes 2018
Fall, Family & Friends (RETIRED) 2006
Family Favorites (RETIRED) 1997
Farmers' Market Favorites (RETIRED) 2009
Farmers' Market Favorites Photo Edition* 2015
Farmhouse Christmas (RETIRED) 2000
Farmhouse Christmas Cookbook Photo Edition 2017
Farmhouse Kitchen (RETIRED) 2009
Farmhouse Kitchen Photo Edition 2023
Fast-Fix Meals (RETIRED) 2008
Flavors Of Fall (RETIRED) 2003
Flavors Of Fall Photo Edition 2019
Foolproof Christmas (RETIRED) 2018
Foolproof Family Recipes 2014
For Bees & Me (RETIRED) 1995
Fresh & Easy Family Meals (RETIRED) 2015
Fresh & Easy Family Meals Photo Edition 2023
Fresh Farmhouse Recipes 2021
Fresh From The Farmstand (RETIRED) 2012
From Grandma's Kitchen (RETIRED) 2004
From Grandmas Kitchen Cookbook Photo Edition 2018
From Grandma's Recipe Box 2020
Fun Fall Foods (RETIRED) 2016
Fun Fall Foods Photo Edition 2021
Game-Day Fan Fare (RETIRED) 2013
Garfield...Recipes With Cattitude! (RETIRED) 2013
Gifts For Giving (RETIRED) 2002
Good For You (RETIRED) 1996
Good-For-You Everyday Meals (RETIRED) 2014
Grandma's Best Comfort Foods 2021
Grandmas Favorites (RETIRED) 2019
Grandma's Favorites Photo Edition 2022
Grilling And Campfire Cooking (RETIRED)* 2014
Grilling And Campfire Cooking Photo Edition 2020
Harvest Homestyle Meals 2019
Harvest Kitchen (RETIRED) 2008
Harvest Kitchen Photo Edition 2023
Holidays At Home (RETIRED) 1998
Homemade Christmas (RETIRED) 2010
Homemade Christmas Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2016
Homemade Harvest 2010
Homespun Christmas, Angel Cover (RETIRED) 1996
Homespun Christmas, Santa Cover (RETIRED) 1999
Homestyle In A Hurry (RETIRED) 2010
Homestyle In A Hurry Photo Edition* 2017
Hometown Christmas (RETIRED) 2013
Hometown Favorites (RETIRED) 2000
Hometown Harvest 2013
I'll be Home for Christmas 2020
In The Kitchen With Family & Friends (RETIRED) 1999
Jolly Holidays (RETIRED) 2002
Made From Scratch (RETIRED) 2001
Made from Scratch Photo Edition 2022
Magic Of Christmas (RETIRED) 2001
Meals In Minutes (RETIRED) 2002
Meals In Minutes 10th Anniversary Edition (RETIRED) 2012
Merry Christmas (RETIRED) 2003
Modern Kitchen Old Fashioned Flavors 2019
Mom Knows Best 2014
Mom Knows Best Photo Edition 2019
Mom's Best Sunday Suppers 2022
Mom's Favorite Recipe Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2014
Mom's Favorite Recipes (RETIRED) 2003
Mom's Go-To Recipes 2020
Mom's Go-To Recipes Photo Edition 2023
Mom's Very Best Recipes (RETIRED) 2011
Moms Very Best Recipes Photo Edition* 2017
More Gifts For Giving (RETIRED) 2003
Old-Fashioned Country Christmas, Black & White Cover (RETIRED) 1992
Old-Fashioned Country Christmas, Full-Color Cover (RETIRED) 1994
Old-Fashioned Country Cookies, Bunny Cookie (RETIRED) 1999
Old-Fashioned Country Cookies, Reindeer Cookie (RETIRED) 1994
One-Pot Meals (RETIRED) 2005
One-Pot Meals, With Photos (RETIRED)* 2013
Patchwork Potluck (RETIRED) 2005
Quick & Easy Autumn (RETIRED) 2011
Quick & Easy Christmas (RETIRED) 2011
Quick & Easy Recipes for Gatherings 2021
Ready Set Christmas (RETIRED) 2017
Ready Set Eat! Photo Edition 2016
Ready, Set, Eat! (RETIRED) 2007
Recipes For Comfort (RETIRED) 2000
Recipes from the Farmhouse 2020
Rush Hour Recipes (RETIRED) 2012
Rush Hour Recipes Photo Edition 2018
Seasons For Sharing (RETIRED) 2004
Secrets From Grandmas Kitchen 2017
Secrets From Grandmas Kitchen Photo Edition* 2020
Shortcuts to Grandma's Best Recipes 2023
Simple Shortcut Recipes 2012
Slow Cooker Recipes (RETIRED) 2006
Slow Cooker Recipes Photo Edition* 2014
Slow Cooker, Casserole & Skillet Recipes Photo Edition 2023
Slow Cooker, Casserole & Skillet Recipes (RETIRED) 2010
Slow Cooking All Year 'Round (RETIRED) 2012
Slow Cooking All Year 'Round Photo Edition 2021
Slow-Cooker Christmas Favorites (RETIRED) 2014
Slow-Cooker Christmas Favorites Photo Edition 2020
Slow-Cooker Fall Favorites (RETIRED) 2014
Slow-Cooker Fall Favorites Photo Edition 2020
Speedy Suppers (RETIRED) 2006
Spring & Summer Recipes for Sharing 2024
Summer In The Country (RETIRED) 2008
Summer In The Country Photo Edition 2021
Sunday Dinner At Grandma's (RETIRED) 2010
Sunday Dinner at Grandma's Cookbook Photo Edition (RETIRED)* 2014
Super-Fast Slow Cooking (RETIRED) 2008
Sweet & Simple (RETIRED) 2002
Taste Of Autumn (RETIRED) 2004
Tastes Like Home 2016
Tasty Fall Cooking (RETIRED) 2017
The Christmas Table (RETIRED) 2012
The Christmas Table Photo Edition* 2018
The Harvest Table (RETIRED) 2012
The Harvest Table Photo Edition 2018
Very Merry Christmas Cookbook 2021
Weeknight Dinners (RETIRED) 2012
Weeknight Dinners Photo Edition 2021
Welcome Autumn Cookbook 2023
Welcome Home For The Holidays (RETIRED) 1994
What's For Dinner? (RETIRED) 2004
What's For Dinner? Photo Edition 2022


Our Best Recipes:
150, or more, tried & true recipes and full-color photos on every spread. Paperback.

Title Published
150 Backyard Cookout Recipes 2017
150 Best Ever Cast Iron Skillet Recipes 2016
150 Hearty Homestyle Recipes (RETIRED) 2016
150 Recipes In A 13X9 Pan 2017
400 Calorie Slow-Cooker Recipes 2018
Best Church Suppers 2018
Best Ever Cookie Brownie & Bar Recipes 2017
Our Best 5-Ingredient Fresh Family Recipes 2022
Our Best Blue-Ribbon Recipes 2023
Our Best Breakfast & Brunch Recipes 2020
Our Best Family Recipes 2021
Our Best Farm-Fresh Recipes 2021
Our Best Fast, Easy & Delicious Recipes 2022
Our Best One Bowl Meals 2019
Our Best Quick & Easy Casseroles 2022
Our Best Recipes for Cast Iron Cooking 2023
Our Best Recipes from Grandma's Cookie Jar 2023
Our Best Recipes in a Snap 2021
Our Best Skillet & Sheet Pan Recipes 2019
Simple Savory Meals 2019
Smart & Easy Meal Planning 2020
Suppers In A Snap 2018


Keep it Simple Series:
More than 300 recipes and full-color photos on every spread. Paperback.

Title Published
A Year of Holidays 2020
Best Instant Pot Cookbook 2019
Comfort Food Lightened Up 2017
Cook It Quick 2016
Delicious Recipes For Diabetics 2017
Easy Classic Casseroles 2017
Go-To Recipes for a 13x9 Pan 2024
Healthy Happy Homemade Meals 2018
Meals In Minutes:15 20 30 2018
One Pot Wonders 2018
Quick & Easy Recipes with Help from my Kitchen Appliances 2022
Simple Shortcut Recipes 2019
Slow Cooker To The Rescue (RETIRED) 2016
Soups Stews & Breads 2017
Weeknight Dinners 6 Ingredients Or Less 2017
Weeknight Slow Cooker 2019


Regional Cookbooks:
Best tried & true recipes sorted by where the cook lives.

Title Published
All Time Favorite Recipes From Florida Cooks 2020
All Time Favorite Recipes From Georgia Cooks 2023
All Time Favorite Recipes From Illinois Cooks 2020
All Time Favorite Recipes From Indiana Cooks 2023
All Time Favorite Recipes From Kentucky Cooks 2023
All Time Favorite Recipes From Missouri Cooks 2021
All Time Favorite Recipes From North Carolina Cooks 2022
All Time Favorite Recipes From Ohio Cooks 2020
All Time Favorite Recipes From Pennsylvania Cooks 2021
All Time Favorite Recipes From Southern California Cooks 2019
All Time Favorite Recipes From Tennesse Cooks 2022
All Time Favorite Recipes From Texas Cooks 2019
All Time Favorite Recipes From Virginia Cooks 2022
All Time Favorite Recipes From Washington Cooks 2019


Our Favorite Series Cookbooks:
Over 60 of our favorite recipes & tips in a purse-friendly size.

Title Published
Our Favorite 30-Minute Meals, photo cover 2019
Our Favorite Appetizer Recipes (RETIRED) 2006
Our Favorite Appetizer Recipes, photo cover 2016
Our Favorite Apple Recipes, photo cover 2023
Our Favorite Apple Recipes 2018
Our Favorite Bacon Recipes (RETIRED) 2017
Our Favorite Bacon Recipes, photo cover 2022
Our Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Recipes (RETIRED) 2006
Our Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Recipes, photo cover 2017
Our Favorite Burger Recipes 2014
Our Favorite Cake Mix Recipes (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Cake Mix Recipes, photo cover 2020
Our Favorite Casseroles, photo cover original 2022
Our Favorite Cheap & Easy Recipes (RETIRED) 2007
Our Favorite Cheese Recipes (RETIRED) 2009
Our Favorite Chicken Recipes (RETIRED) 2007
Our Favorite Chicken Recipes, photo cover 2014
Our Favorite Chocolate Recipes (RETIRED) 2005
Our Favorite Chocolate Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Christmas Recipes (RETIRED) 2008
Our Favorite Christmas Recipes, photo cover 2012
Our Favorite Comfort Foods Recipes (RETIRED) 2010
Our Favorite Comfort Foods Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2015
Our Favorite Cranberry Recipes, photo cover original 2020
Our Favorite Dessert Recipes (RETIRED) 2013
Our Favorite Fish & Seafood Recipes (RETIRED) 2014
Our Favorite Fish & Seafood Recipes, photo cover 2020
Our Favorite Flavors of the Season, photo cover original 2023
Our Favorite Food Gifts (RETIRED) 2017
Our Favorite Freezer-Friendly Recipes (RETIRED) 2011
Our Favorite Freezer-Friendly Recipes, photo cover 2021
Our Favorite Game Day Recipes 2012
Our Favorite Gingerbread Recipes, photo cover original 2022
Our Favorite Grilling Recipes (RETIRED) 2006
Our Favorite Grilling Recipes, photo cover 2016
Our Favorite Ground Beef Recipes (RETIRED) 2007
Our Favorite Ground Beef Recipes, photo cover 2015
Our Favorite Halloween Recipes (RETIRED) 2008
Our Favorite Halloween Recipes, photo cover 2012
Our Favorite Harvest Recipes (RETIRED) 2009
Our Favorite Harvest Recipes, photo cover 2017
Our Favorite Kid Approved Recipes (RETIRED) 2016
Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Recipes (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Recipes, photo edition 2019
Our Favorite Light & Easy Recipes (RETIRED) 2005
Our Favorite Light & Easy Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Meatless Recipes (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Meatless Recipes, photo cover 2021
Our Favorite Melts & Wraps Recipes (RETIRED) 2010
Our Favorite Mexican Fiesta Recipes (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Money Saving Recipes (RETIRED) 2010
Our Favorite Noodles & Rice Recipes 2010
Our Favorite One Dish Dinner Recipes 2018
Our Favorite One Dish Dinner Recipes, photo cover 2022
Our Favorite Pasta Recipes (RETIRED) 2006
Our Favorite Pasta Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Potato Recipes (RETIRED) 2009
Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes 2019
Our Favorite Quick & Easy Recipes (RETIRED) 2005
Our Favorite Quick & Easy Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2014
Our Favorite Recipes For A Crowd 2016
Our Favorite Recipes For One Or Two (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Recipes For One Or Two, photo cover 2017
Our Favorite Recipes Under 400 Calories 2013
Our Favorite Recipes Under 400 Calories, photo cover 2019
Our Favorite Road Trip Recipes (RETIRED) 2007
Our Favorite Road Trip Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2016
Our Favorite Sauces & Marinades, photo cover original 2020
Our Favorite Slow Cooker Chicken & Beef Recipes (RETIRED) 2008
Our Favorite Slow Cooker Chicken & Beef Recipes Photo Cover 2018
Our Favorite Slow-Cooker Recipes (RETIRED) 2005
Our Favorite Slow-Cooker Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2012
Our Favorite Soup & Bread Recipes (RETIRED) 2008
Our Favorite Soup & Bread Recipes, photo cover (RETIRED) 2015
Our Favorite Soups & Sandwiches 2019
Our Favorite Speedy Slow Cooker Recipes, photo cover 2023
Our Favorite Speedy Slow-Cooker Recipes Recipes (RETIRED) 2011
Our Favorite Take-Out Recipes (RETIRED) 2009
Our Favorite Vegetarian Recipes, photo cover original 2023


Now in Paperback
Paperback re-releases of best-selling photo editions

Title Published
Almost Homemade (RETIRED) 2020
Best Ever Casseroles 2020
Christmas Cookie Jar 2020
Christmas Cookies Cookbook 2022
Christmas Table 2023
Country Quick & Easy 2023
Farmers Market Favorites 2022
Grilling & Campfire Cooking 2021
Homemade Christmas 2021
Homestyle In A Hurry 2021
Moms Favorite Recipes 2022
Moms Very Best Recipes 2023
One Pot Meals 2022
Slow Cooker Recipes 2023
Sunday Dinner At Grandmas 2021


101 Series Cookbooks:
101 tried & true recipes with full-color photos for each recipe.

Title Published
101 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes (RETIRED) 2012
101 Christmas Recipes (RETIRED) 2009
101 Cozy Casseroles (RETIRED) 2012
101 Cupcake, Cookie & Brownie Recipes (RETIRED) 2010
101 Easy Entertaining Recipes 2008
101 Easy Everyday Recipes (RETIRED) 2011
101 Farmhouse Favorites (RETIRED) 2012
101 Hearty Recipes (RETIRED) 2011
101 Homestyle Favorite Recipes (RETIRED) 2008
101 Slow-Cooker Recipes (RETIRED) 2009
101 Soups, Salads, Sandwiches (RETIRED) 2012
101 Stovetop Suppers (RETIRED) 2013
101 Super-Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes (RETIRED) 2014


Special Collections Cookbooks:
Limited series and one-of-a-kind cookbooks.

Title Published
303 'Round the Clock Recipes (RETIRED) 2014
303 Simple & Satisfying Recipes (RETIRED) 2013
Coming Home with Gooseberry Patch (RETIRED) 2007
Get-Togethers with Gooseberry Patch (RETIRED) 2006
Kids in the Kitchen 2006
Kids in the Kitchen Year 'Round Fun (RETIRED) 2008
My Favorite Holiday Recipes (blank book) (RETIRED) 2013
My Favorite Newlywed Recipes (blank book) 2013
My Favorite Recipes (blank book) 2006
My Favorite Recipes (blank book) UPDATED 2023
Recipes for Kindness (RETIRED) 2001
Recipes for Saying Thanks (RETIRED) 2002
Recipes for Warming Hearts (RETIRED) 2009
Simple Joys of Christmas (RETIRED) 2010
Simple Joys of Friendship (RETIRED) 2011
Tiny Tips for a Cozy Home (RETIRED) 2011
Tiny Tips for Get-Togethers (RETIRED) 2011
Tiny Tips for Gifts to Make & Give (RETIRED) 2011
Tiny Tips for the Kitchen (RETIRED) 2011


Country Friends Collection:

Title Published
At Home (RETIRED) 1997
Bake Sales (RETIRED) 1999
Be Mine (RETIRED) 2005
Button Crafts (RETIRED) 2000
Chocolate (RETIRED) 2001
Christmas (RETIRED) 1996
Christmas Crafts (RETIRED) 1999
Christmas in July (RETIRED) 2003
Coffee (RETIRED) 1997
Cookies (RETIRED) 1999
Cookouts 2003
Country Fair (RETIRED) 2007
Crafternoon (RETIRED) 2005
Crockery Cooking (RETIRED) 2000
Desserts (RETIRED) 1996
Family Fun (RETIRED) 2002
Fiesta (RETIRED) 2004
Garden Fun (RETIRED) 1998
Gift Baskets (RETIRED) 1998
Gifts from the Garden (RETIRED) 1997
Gifts from the Kitchen (RETIRED) 1997
Halloween (RETIRED) 2002
Handmade from the Heart (RETIRED) 1997
Harvest (RETIRED) 1999
Herbs (RETIRED) 1997
Kids in the Kitchen (RETIRED) 2002
Kidstuff (RETIRED) 1997
Main Dishes (RETIRED) 1996
Memory Making (RETIRED) 2000
Merry Mixes (RETIRED) 2000
Merry Mixes II (RETIRED) 2001
More Christmas (RETIRED) 1997
Muffins (RETIRED) 1996
Nifty Gifties (RETIRED) 2002
Parties (RETIRED) 1997
Popcorn (RETIRED) 2003
Potatoes (RETIRED) 2001
Potlucks (RETIRED) 1999
Salads (RETIRED) 1997
Soup's On (RETIRED 2001
Tea Time (RETIRED) 1996
Trash to Treasure (RETIRED) 1998
Wrap it Up (RETIRED) 2003
Year 'Round Holidays (RETIRED) 1997


Classics Collection:
*These are all available as Print on Demand from

Title Published
Appetizers (Print on Demand*) 2002
Apples (Print on Demand*) 2002
Baby Showers (Print on Demand*) 2003
Brownies (Print on Demand*) 2008
Cake Mixes (Print on Demand*) 2003
Candy (Print on Demand*) 2004
Casseroles (Print on Demand*) 2002
Chicken (Print on Demand*) 2002
Chili (Print on Demand*) 2006
Christmas Classics (Print on Demand*) 2013
Christmas Craft Party (Print on Demand*) 2004
Coffee & Tea (Print on Demand*) 2008
Cookie Swap (Print on Demand*) 2003
Cooking Club (Print on Demand*) 2005
Gift Mixes (Print on Demand*) 2002
Gingerbread (Print on Demand*) 2006
Hot Cocoa (Print on Demand*) 2006
Pasta (Print on Demand*) 2003
Pies (Print on Demand*) 2003
Pumpkin (Print on Demand*) 2005
RV Cooking (Print on Demand*) 2006
Sandwiches (Print on Demand*) 2002
Slow Cooking (Print on Demand*) 2003
Soups (Print on Demand*) 2002
Tailgating (Print on Demand*) 2005
Thanksgiving (Print on Demand*) 2002


Leisure Arts/Oxmoor House Cookbooks:
Hardcover cookbooks filled with recipes, tips & crafts.

Title Published
5 Ingredient Family Favorites (RETIRED) 2011
A Ghastly-Good Halloween (RETIRED) 2012
All Through the Seasons (RETIRED) 2009
Big Book of Country Baking (RETIRED) 2013
Big Book of Holiday Cooking (RETIRED) 2012
Big Book of Home Cooking (RETIRED) 2011
Blue Ribbon Family Favorites (RETIRED) 2012
Celebrate the Seasons (RETIRED) 2002
Christmas All Through the House (RETIRED) 2008
Christmas Book 1 (RETIRED) 1999
Christmas Book 2 (RETIRED) 2000
Christmas Book 3 (RETIRED) 2001
Christmas Book 4 (RETIRED) 2002
Christmas Book 5 (RETIRED) 2003
Christmas Book 6 (RETIRED) 2004
Christmas Book 7 (RETIRED) 2005
Christmas Book 8 (RETIRED) 2006
Christmas Book 9 (RETIRED) 2007
Christmas Book 10 (RETIRED) 2008
Christmas Book 11 (RETIRED) 2009
Christmas Book 12 (RETIRED) 2010
Christmas Book 13 (RETIRED) 2011
Christmas Book 14 (RETIRED) 2012
Christmas Book 15 (RETIRED) 2013
Christmas Book 16 (RETIRED) 2014
Christmas Book 17 (RETIRED) 2015
Christmas Cookbook (RETIRED) 2004
Classic Christmas Recipes (RETIRED) 2010
Everyday Comfort Foods (RETIRED) 2013
Everyday Simple Suppers (RETIRED) 2013
Family Favorite Recipes (RETIRED) 2008
Have Yourself a Homemade Christmas (RETIRED) 2012
Holiday Family Favorites (RETIRED) 2010
Halloween (RETIRED) 2010
Homestyle Family Favorites (RETIRED) 2010
Keepsake Cookbook (RETIRED) 2010
Potluck Family Favorites (RETIRED) 2013
Quick & Easy Family Favorites (RETIRED) 2009
Very Merry Christmas Cookbook (RETIRED) 2007
Everyday Slow Coooker (RETIRED) 2014
Gifts from the Kitchen (RETIRED) 2012
Everyday One Dish (RETIRED) 2014
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