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Why do I have to scroll to see the whole screen?
Our new website is best viewed at the 1024 x 768 monitor setting. On most computers you can adjust your browser size.

If you are a Windows user:
Click the "Start" button, choose "Settings" and then "Control Panel." Double click the icon labeled "Display." Next, click the "Settings" tab. Drag the screen area slider until it shows 1024 x 768 pixels. Now click on the apply button. Follow the onscreen instructions and click "ok".

If you are a Macintosh user:
Select "Control Panels" from the Apple menu. Open the "Monitors" or "Monitors & Sounds" control panel. Click "1024 x 768" in the list of recommended resolutions. When you are satisfied with your selection, close the "Monitors" panel.

When I try to print a page from your website a portion of the page gets cut off. How can I make the entire width of the page print?
Select "Page Setup" from the File menu. Select "Landscape" in the "Orientation" box.

Where can I get help with technical issues?
If you have problems registering or using any other area of the site, check out our FAQs under Help or please drop us a note.

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