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We ALL need a little help sometimes, right? Whether you're new to Gooseberry Patch on Facebook or on Scribd, or need help downloading or printing a chapter of our Circle of Friends cookbook, you'll find answers to your questions here.

Click on the video links below and we'll walk you through, step by step!

Getting Started on Facebook


Ready to join us on Facebook? While just the thought may seem overwhelming at first, it's really simple. It's easy and we want you to feel comfortable having fun with us there. Come with us and let's get going!

How to VIEW recipes from our Circle of Friends online cookbook


Jo Ann shows you just how easy it is to VIEW all the recipes from any chapter of our online Circle of Friends cookbook. This is a great place to start if you've never used a Scribd document before.

How to PRINT recipes from our Circle of Friends online cookbook


Want to PRINT the recipes and add them to your recipe box? Follow Jo Ann's lead as she takes you through the quick step-by-step process to print from any of our Scribd documents, like our Circle of Friends cookbook.

How to DOWNLOAD recipes from our Cirlce of Friends online cookbook


Want to keep one of our Scribd documents on your desktop? They're easy to our video below as Jo Ann walks you through the process.

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