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Craddock Commentaries

Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 01/21/2013

Our Favorite Comfort Foods

My daughter and I love Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks! We are trying to get the entire line of cookbooks. They have many recipes and have tips on every page, from decorating tips to cooking tips. You won't be disappointed.



Location: Maryland
Date Posted: 08/28/2015 12:05:20 PM

Comfort Foods

Easy, great recipes in this little cookbook. Tried the Prairie Bacon-Corn Chowder in my slow cooker and it was delicious! Can't wait to try more!


M. Pavelkis

Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 07/13/2014

Comfort Foods Comfort Day

Although, smaller in size, this is one of my favorite cook books. In fact, I was just skimming through it yesterday, and found many recipes I'd like to try, such as Golden French Toast, Cheesy Bacon Casserole, which can be kept in the fridge, overnight. There is a recipe for a prize winning Pot Roast, Easy Beef Goulash, Brown Sugar Applesauce, and a Potluck Potato Bake. Included, to my surprise, is a tag, that you can copy, color, and share, for recipes, you would give to others. How fun is that? Even, on opposite pages, there are little pearls of wisdom notations, which I find, can be pretty handy. You won't regret this buy!

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