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Location: QVC Shopper
Date Posted: 03/18/2010 01:44:46 PM


I am a big fan of the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and this one doesn't disappoint. The recipes are creative yet easy to make. I love just sitting down with this cookbook and reading it from cover to cover. Even if I don't make a recipe, it's so much fun to read.



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 03/17/2010 01:05:51 PM

Great addition to Holiday Recipe Collection

I love this cookbook. It has many great ideas for holiday foods, which can also be used all year long. The text and the directions are easy to follow. I would like to get more cookbooks in this series.



Location: Lombard, Illinois
Date Posted: 10/28/2009 09:56:28 AM

I love it!!!

I just received this book yesterday and it is wonderful. I love the stories, recipes and drawings and would recommend it to anyone!!!! Keep up the GREAT work.



Location: Colorado Springs,Colorado
Date Posted: 10/19/2009 11:20:04 PM

Can't buy enough of 'em

I can't remember how many of this recipe book I have purchased because every year when I have my annual neighborhood cookie exchange, my friends all ask me if I'm going to give the gooseberry patch cookbook again this year. That's right, we play games like Christmas bingo and the winners get a prize. Favorite prize, Christmas in the Country.



Location: Delaware
Date Posted: 06/05/2009 03:56:24 PM

I was taken by the cover alone!

This book, like the others, has adorable art work on the cover, but I love this one especially! The inside, though, is great too. I love fixing special things for Christmas breakfast and this book has some great recipes, even using the slow cooker!



Location: Loveland, Co
Date Posted: 11/11/2008 10:26:32 AM

Minty Cheesecake Bars

Last year when I made my Christmas goodie plates to give to friends and neighbors, I made the bars on the front of this cookbook. I got so many compliments for them! They were a complete hit!!



Location: Fort Mill SC
Date Posted: 11/02/2008 11:53:48 AM

Great cookbook

I love this cookbook. It has so many wonderful recipes and the tips at the bottom of the pages are nice too. The memory section at the back was fun to read. Thanks for a great cookbook!

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