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Location: Louisville, KY
Date Posted: 08/27/2012 09:59:08 PM

Love it!

First of all, I love the circles and the colors... I'm so happy that I bought this! It really helps me stay organized!



Location: Antioch, IL
Date Posted: 05/18/2012 06:29:33 PM


I bought one of these several years ago...The cover was different then..but I have used, used this thing! It is a great place to keep all your online websites and/or usernames with passwords. It is really like a "Bible" to me...I would be so lost without this..I have everything all in one place rather than written down on pieces of paper and then I can't find them when I need them. Would definitely recommend to anyone who does a lot of online shopping, browsing, etc.



Location: Indiana
Date Posted: 04/13/2012 08:13:02 PM

A LIfesaver

This organizer has "saved my life" again and again. It provides headings for all needed username and password info by website and in alphabetical order. I bought my own sticky tabs and marked the various sections (the only improvement I'd recommend in the product). I'm ordering s 2nd for a friend who's wanting one for his birthday.



Location: Bakersfield,CA
Date Posted: 04/11/2012 11:47:52 AM

Awesome Product

I love this little book. It is so handy. I do many things online and having all my passwords in one place is very handy. I too write in pencil in case something changes.I think this is the best little book ever. I have since given as a gift three times and about to order two more as gifts. My sister-in-law saw mine one day and said she had to have one for herself. Wise purchase!

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