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Location: Ottumwa, IA
Date Posted: 03/08/2011 12:41:04 PM

Helping Others

There are times when I need to take a "dish" to someone who is recovering from surgery, is sick or lost a loved one. In those times, I always grab my Best-Ever Casseroles Cookbook. Not only do the recipes always turn out right, but I usually make two - one to keep and one to share! Wonderful cooks and wonderful recipes.



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:41:34 PM

Best Ever Casseroles

This is a nice addition to my gooseberry patch cookbook collection. Contains everyday ingredients that make it simple for last minute ideas.



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:36:09 PM

I'm a Collector...

I'm a collector of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks because I really like (most) of them. This one is no exception. It is filled with recipes that real people really cook, with ingredients you probably have on hand most of the time. It is rare to make one of these recipes and not have it turn out well. And, I like this cookbook because it is readable. It's fun to sit down and read all the "Serve It Up With Style" suggestions, things like making herbal tea without even boiling water or creating personalized votives to brighten up dinnertime. Quick, easy, fun. The book is not just dinner casseroles, either. It begins with breakfast and brunch, then has 5 more chapters, each devoted to a different main ingredient--poultry, seafood, beef, pork or vegetable. In the back, there are casserole and baking pan measurements, quick fix casseroles, basic lists for pantry and refrigerator and casserole equivalents (i.e, 1 medium potato = 1 cup). Another winner from Gooseberry Patch!



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:38:53 PM

Best Ever Casseroles

This cookbook has very easy and super good recipes. I have always had trouble finding casseroles that were easy and good. This book has both. I highly recommend this book, you will not be sorry. Thank you Gooseberry for such a great cookbook.



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:40:27 PM

This is a great casserole book!!!

This is a great casserole book!!!! I LOVE casseroles & this cookbook has SO many recipes. Truly a good choice to buy!


P. Coyle

Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:37:37 PM

Best-Ever Casseroles

I just love Gooseberry Patch books and so does my best friend whom I bought this for, for Christmas. However, the day it arrived, I had to go through it and used one of the recipes for supper that evening. Almost kept it for myself!



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:43:40 PM

Casserole lover's heaven!

This book is full of recipes that are new to me. My family loves casseroles and these are great.



Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 02/14/2011 12:34:09 PM

My favorite Gooseberry Patch book

First, let me say that I am a HUGE Gooseberry Patch fan. The recipes are very easy, not too fancy, don't take long and always taste good. They are easy to read and the spiral binding keeps the books open flat. I think out of all of the books, I have only made one thing that I didn't care for. They are just great, great books to have around and I love the little tips on each page, the way that every book is broken up by meats and categories and just all of the other little helpful charts and equivalents that are in each book. In my opinion, they are just great additions to any cookbook collection and I love having them in my kitchen.



Location: Delaware
Date Posted: 03/13/2009 03:49:17 PM

Great resource for fresh ideas!

Growing up in my household, we didn't eat casseroles because my dad said he didn't like them, but I am thrilled to have discovered how good and simple casserole cooking is...this book is a working woman's great kitchen helper! I especially love the vegetable section!



Location: Columbus, OH
Date Posted: 03/13/2009 07:25:49 AM

1 dish simple & delicious

Oven Beef Stew...this was so simple on a Sunday evening after a busy weekend and enjoyed by the family plus my son's friends who had spent most of the weekend!

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