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Location: reviewer
Date Posted: 02/17/2012 11:05:28 AM

Crockpot fun

I downloaded this when it was free and I am sure I will enjoy it when I give these recipes a try. Don't let the first few scare you - I almost stopped reading when the first few recipes were all so sweet. Then it got into more mealtime stuff and I look forward to giving some of them a try. Most of these recipes do not appear health-conscious, but some of them do look very tasty.



Location: reviewer
Date Posted: 02/17/2012 11:06:32 AM

Different foods

This cookbook can be used if you enjoy slow cooked foods. It has many different types & is delicious. Slow cookers have been around for many years & the recipes that can be made in them are really wonderfully tasting. Highly recommended.



Location: reviewer
Date Posted: 02/17/2012 10:59:25 AM

Definitely putting some of these recipes on my menu!

At first glance, I didn't think I was going to like this cookbook... It is fairly small (37 recipes in all), and many of the recipes use a lot of "cream of X" soups and other canned/processed foods. However, there are also several recipes that don't include so many processed foods, and look/sound wonderful! (I also realize that utilizing those canned items is what helps make the recipes quick-and-easy to make, which is what many people need.) If you open the book at the beginning and start paging through, you won't find the table of contents, because it has been placed at the END of the book (I found this odd). So if you're anything like me, and like to look through the TOC first, you'll need to use the Kindle menu to navigate to the TOC. Not a big problem, just different. There is a wide variety of recipes, given the smallish size, including a breakfast oatmeal recipe, a couple of beverages, 3 or 4 dips/appetizers, many soups-and-stews, some main dishes, meat sandwich fillings, and a couple of desserts. The recipe for stroganoff sounds great and will probably be the first one I make. I was also happy to see a recipe for Cabbage-Rolls, which is also going on my menu in the near future. All recipes include good, clear instructions and complete ingredient lists. All recipes look very easy to make, and most don't use any hard-to-find ingredients.


Kindle Krazed

Location: reviewer
Date Posted: 02/17/2012 11:02:28 AM

very neat!

Not only does it have good recipes but I love the crock pot helpful tips throughout the book. I'm not new to them and they were still useful!



Location: reviewer
Date Posted: 02/17/2012 11:08:32 AM


I really liked this cookbook. There are some excellent recipes in it. I like simple because I am a very busy person. A lot of the recipes had minimal ingredients with maximum flavor so you can save money. The recipes that I liked the most had a lot of items that you will find in your cupboard and can make a quick meal with before you run out the door to work. I would recommend this book, and for the price it's a great deal. Can't find a cookbook in the store for this price.


review guru

Location: reviewer
Date Posted: 02/17/2012 11:03:50 AM


I got this when they were doing the promotion of the free cookbook. It was my first experience with Gooseberry Patch. I love the handy tidbits throughout. The recipes are easy and don't have strange ingredients. Most of them I could make with things I routinely keep on hand! The couple I have tried are great! I have since then purchased the Chili Cookbook and have others on my wish list.



Location: Raleigh, NC
Date Posted: 03/06/2009

new favorite

When I moved away from home and into my first apartment, my mom gave me a crockpot with this book inside. I've made so many filling home-cooked meals from it, it's almost like being at home again. My favorites are the overnight oatmeal and the jalepeno-chicken chili...can't wait to try them all!

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