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Location: Simi Valley, CA
Date Posted: 10/16/2008 12:12:01 PM

I use many of these recipes as part of our family traditions

This cookbook has so many wonder recipes and they are so easy to make! Rave reviews from family and friends for every recipe I have tried from this cookbook. And I really enjoy the helpful hints and gift/decorating ideas. Kudos!



Location: Kewanee, MO
Date Posted: 10/16/2008 09:42:04 AM

Start of a collection

This was the first gooseberry patch cookbook I bought. It was the start of a collection for me. I have all of the Christmas cookbooks and many of the others. I use the Christmas Morning Cinnamon rolls every Christmas. They are fabulous. I love the Christmas stories and ideas that are in this one. It is a staple for any kitchen.



Location: Milwaukie, OR
Date Posted: 10/16/2008 10:52:24 AM

Good Reading

I've enjoyed this cookbook for over ten years. There are many recipes in it that I make as gifts every year. I love to sit down and read about fun ideas for decorating or gift giving. This is still my favorite out of about 15 of the cookbooks.



Location: crescent PA
Date Posted: 10/16/2008 12:45:23 PM

A great gift!!

I received this book from a student years ago. I sat down one day & read it cover to cover. I absolutely loved the stories, tips, craft ideas, & of course the recipes!! The drawings were beautiful also. I was so hooked, my goal is to own all of your cookbooks. I have eleven so far.

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