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Location: Utah
Date Posted: 05/15/2012 08:37:00 PM

Full of amazing recipes

I am loving this cookbook! I have already tried four recipes in the past week and I have loved each one. I really like that each recipe in the book uses at least one shortcut ingredient. It is a keeper!



Location: Vista CA
Date Posted: 03/26/2012 03:50:43 PM

Fun to see my recipe

Lots of great recipes in this cookbook. Was fun to see my recipe in there. Thanks



Location: Illinois
Date Posted: 03/19/2012 07:32:14 AM

The book is full of almost homemade, short cuts, advanced prep ideas and mom-test tips and tricks!

Simple Shortcut Cookbook review: True to the Gooseberry Patch tradition this is another tried & true tasty Cookbook. All of the recipes are very simple to make in no time. I could not believe how many of the recipes were new. I loved some of the fun names, too! These recipes were created by smart moms. The book is full of almost homemade, short cuts, advanced prep ideas and mom-test tips and tricks! Here are the chapters and some of my new favorite recipes. I will post more recipes soon from this book. Chapter 1:Beat-the-Clock Breakfasts-Sour Cram Coffee Cake, Crustless Spinach Quiche (made it), Breakfast Pizza (made it), Speedy Huevos Rancheros, Rabbit Scones (so awesome and no they aren't made with rabbits.) Chapter 2:Simple Soups, Salads & Sandwiches-Rancy & Bacon Pasta Salad, Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches, Shortcut Stromboli (very yum), Asian Slaw & Meatball Calzones Chapter 3:Fast-Fix Sides & Breads-Skillet Corn Saute, Zesty Mac & Cheese, Slow Cooker Broasted Potatoes, Cheddar Biscuits, Sweet Sugar Rolls and Crescent Quickies Chapter 4: Dinner Express-Mexican Pizza, Enchiladas Suizas, Tortellini Blue Cheese Alfredo, Working Barn Stew, Chicken Fajita Fettuccine, White Pizza (we love pizza) Chapter 5: Oh-So-Easy Entertaining-Kid-Friendly Kabobs, BLT Pizza (yum), Stuffed Pizza Snacks, Texas Salsa, Corn & Avocado Salsa, White Pizza Dip (made it), Fruit Cheese Ball and Cinnamon Dip Chapter 6: Piece-of-Cake Desserts-Layered Caramel Coconut Pies, Creamy Lemonade Pie, Red Velvet Pound Cake, Hornet's Nest Cake, Juicy Orange Juice Cake, Banana Split Dessert, Chocolate Bread Pudding and Oreo & Cream Cake Balls (yum) Another fine & tasty cookbook! Thank you Gooseberry Patch!

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