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Location: Cynthiana, Ky
Date Posted: 07/16/2013 11:41:22 AM

Fantastic Cookbook

This is another fantastic Gooseberry Patch Cookbook. There are lots of wonderful recipes, craft ideas, and Christmas memories. In fact, they were nice enough to let me share one of my own Christmas memories in this book. I have been a Gooseberry Patch fan for years and I know I will be a fan for years to come. This cookbook is fantastic!



Location: Okeene, OK 73763
Date Posted: 07/01/2013 11:52:41 AM


I have read and reread this book and even took it on a road trip for reading material, have tried several recipes and they were awesome. I am sure all the recipes I try out of this one will be winners! I can't get enough of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, these are the cookbooks I tell everyone you can't lose with, the recipes are all winners! Love all the tips and ideas and crafts etc. and of course the recipes! Thank you for another great cookbook. I think there should be an Academy Award for cookbooks, Gooseberry Patch would win hands down!


Geraldine A

Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 06/24/2013 01:10:33 PM


This amazing new holiday edition from Gooseberry Patch is another Masterpiece, added to my cookbook collection. Vickie Hutchins and Jo Ann Martin deliver another exciting, attractive cookbook as usual, filled with lots of surprises. If I had to wait for the arrival of a book, I'd have to say, this one is well-worth the wait! The authors include: delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinners, desserts and much more. The tasty recipes are created not only for that special time of the year, but for anytime. There are also delicious recipes for treats, and drinks. In addition, the book is covered with festive, heartwarming tips and ideas. Another added feature are slow-cooker recipes for those cold days that are simple, and easy-to-prepare. The CHERRY ALMOND BUTTER BITES are a sensation, and so are the Party Dips. Some of these recipes make your mouth water, before you even attempt to make it, such as The PARTY SHRIMP MARINADE. We enjoy making different flavored breads, and this cookbook also offers tempting new bread recipes. The BRAISED BEEF RIBS were a big hit, and next we will try different soups, and MIMI'S BLUE CHEESE DIP. I love Blue Cheese, so I'm anxious to try this dip. My daughter wants to try the HERBY ONION BATTER BREAD, so this is added to our to-make list. We will leave updates as we make new recipes, and I already decided that I will be gifting this cookbook to friends and family for the holidays. Heartwarming, fun-filled, and delicious recipes. Highly recommended!



Location: cincinnati, ohio
Date Posted: 06/24/2013 02:02:38 PM

wonderful tips, stories and recipes

What a wonderful book. I have to read it now and jot down some ideas and recipes from it to be ready for the holiday season. I like doing things early and this is a great opportunity. Fun and informative cookbook.

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