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Location: Berwy, PA
Date Posted: 01/11/2012 06:08:47 PM

Holiday Helper

Thank you for making Holiday planning a pinch. I was able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family...great sides and wonderful desserts made our Christmas table a success!!



Location: Harbor Springs
Date Posted: 12/12/2011 08:50:39 AM

Lacking Holiday Time? Try Gooseberry Patch's Quick & Easy Christmas

I have never tried a recipe from Gooseberry Patch that hasn’t been delicious. The Quick & Easy Christmas has recipes with every day ingredients in it. I don’t have to go and buy specialty items to make these recipes. Many times recipes aren’t large enough to feed our whole family. Five is kind of an odd number and our littlest might be small and thin but he eats as much as a grown boy. My daughter made Marry Me Matt Enchiladas. The ingredients were simple. Ground Beef , Chopped Onion, Enchilada Sauce Mix, Mild Enchilada Sauce , Cream of Mushroom Soup, Flour Tortillas , Shredded Cheese. First let me fess up, another great thing about these recipes is if you don’t have something you can find a substitue pretty easy. I didn’t have ground beef or enchilada sauce, so we substituted the ground beef with chicken and the enchilada sauce with chopped tomatoes and chilis. This is going to be a repeater for sure. It was amazing and it fed the whole family comfortably. Gooseberry Patch has a huge variety of cookbooks that are fun and affordable and make excellent gifts for those hard to buy for people.



Location: Fort Wayne, In USA
Date Posted: 11/30/2011 05:50:14 PM

Officially One of My New Favorites

I have so many cookbooks, but many of them only contain a few recipes that interest me. NOT this one!!!! I can barely turn the page w/o finding yet another thing I want to make. I can't wait to try even more, but the 2 I did try (and reviewed on my food blog, Everyday Mom's Meals were AWESOME. The Dill Pickle Dip and Cinnamon Biscuits are definitely being filed under "favorites" for our family. These recipes are easy to follow, and great for a busy mom like me! Thanks, Gooseberry!



Location: Laie, Hawaii
Date Posted: 10/28/2011 03:28:08 PM

Making Christmas Cooking Easier

I love the winter holiday season! For me it’s a time of family gatherings, music and delicious food. Unfortunately there’s the stress that comes with preparing for these gatherings, especially preparing the food. This month I had the chance to review a cookbook that I think will help decrease the pressures but still provide a menu of home-cooked meals. Vickie and JoAnn started Gooseberry Patch in 1984 in their hometown as next-door neighbors and their company has grown to include the publication of over 200 cookbooks. The newest Gooseberry Patch cookbook I received for review is Gooseberry Patch Quick & Easy Christmas Recipes Cookbook. This cookbook is filled with over 220 delicious holiday recipes including breakfasts, appetizers, soups, sides, salads, main dishes, desserts and even slow-cooker recipes. Most of these recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and all feature family favorite recipes submitted by readers. I’ve spent the past two weeks cooking many of the recipes from the cookbook, including a crust-less quiche, orange smoothies, and a delicious lemon-garlic chicken. All of these are made with inexpensive ingredients and the culinary skill level is easy enough for a beginner cook. The Gooseberry Patch Quick & Easy Christmas Recipes Cookbook is full of recipes with quick preparation instructions so you can spend more time this holiday season outside the kitchen. I recommend purchasing this cookbook not only for it’s selection of easy-prep delicious foods but because these recipes are reader submitted so you’re getting family recipes that have been cooked by families for years. Talk about “tried and true” recipes!



Location: South Carolina
Date Posted: 10/20/2011 06:35:18 AM

Another Great Cookbook!

Gooseberry Patch cookbooks are always so much fun and inspiring to look at. And, I love that they are created by readers just sending in their recipes and compiling all the best of what is received. So far, I've got a new favorite recipe from this cookbook which is a Crock Pot recipe! I love saving time especially around Christmas! Thank you, ladies, for another great cookbook!



Location: Holbrook
Date Posted: 10/04/2011 09:30:22 AM

Great anytime of the Year

I love this cookbook! I received it to do a review on my blog and I love how fast and easy all the recipes are. I really love the Slow Cooker section. What a timesaver! Thanks Gooseberry Patch for another fabulous cookbook!



Location: Billings, MT
Date Posted: 10/02/2011 11:40:11 PM

Cookbook Review

This is such a fun and delightful cookbook/idea book for the upcoming holiday season! Check out my review and enter to win a copy for free on my blog, The Girly Girl Cooks!



Location: okeechobee, fl
Date Posted: 07/15/2011 08:32:28 AM


I can't believe it, Gooseberry Patch did it again. This cookbook is fabulous with lots of easy to make recipes and ideas. The day I received it I went from front to back without stopping...I love it. I plan on making many of the recipes for our holiday celebrations this year.



Location: Lovell, WY
Date Posted: 05/28/2011 08:29:51 AM

Another Freebie! :-)

Yes, it's another early bird review of another exciting Gooseberry Patch cookbook. And yes, just like the last review, my girls chose the recipes and did the cooking. I was just the happy recipient of the end result!! Check out this book...

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