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Mary Ellen

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date Posted: 08/28/2017 07:11:36 AM

I love this new Gooseberry Patch cookbook!

I’m a teacher and just don’t have much time or energy when I get home to get a good dinner on the table for my family. I love that all of the recipes in this cookbook have only 6 ingredients or less which really simplifies things. I’ve already tried the Easy Bacon Frittata which everyone loved and my daughter and I made Speedy Peanut Butter Cookies over the weekend…only 3 ingredients and they were so easy and so good!



Location: Virginia
Date Posted: 08/27/2017 08:45:58 PM

Great Cookbook!

I purchased this cookbook for a bridal shower gift along with a slow-cooker. (There is a whole chapter of slow-cooker recipes that look so good!) This cookbook is loaded with all kinds of great recipes for someone just starting out or just anyone who needs to get a good meal on the table that's not complicated to prepare. Casseroles, vegetarian, desserts, main dishes, you name it - it's in this cookbook!

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